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More than just an Addiction

Alcoholism does not just hurt the individuals suffering from the disease, but friends, family, and sometimes entire communities can be adversely effected by the often destructive behaviors associated with the illness. It is no secret that alcoholism is a difficult disease to overcome. Like with most things in life, treating alcohol dependency is as complex as the many factors that lead to the manifestation of the disease in the first place. No one person’s struggle is alike, and no alcohol treatment program is the same.Dual Diagnosis Help’s alcohol treatment services are designed to provide each person with the customized treatment that they need to one day make a complete recovery.

Alcohol Addiction

At Dual Diagnosis Help, we recognize that alcohol is more than just an addiction. Alcoholism hurts the individuals who are suffering from the disease as well as friends, family, and even entire communities which can be adversely affected. Destructive behaviors that are associated with alcoholism can leave extensive destruction in its wake. Similarly to other things in life, treating alcohol dependence is a multifaceted undertaking requiring addressing the factors that led to the disease. At our treatment center, we offer the comprehensive alcohol treatment Los Angeles patients can benefit from.

We recognize that every person’s struggle is different and that alcohol treatment programs often differ from each other. At Dual Diagnosis Help, our alcohol rehab services are specifically designed to give each individual the customized treatment that they need to eventually make a complete recovery.

Our Dedicated Team is Here for You

Dual Diagnosis Help is here to help you meet all of your alcohol rehab needs including the underlying mental health disorders. Since we are able to treat both aspects of the illness, we can develop an individualized program that has the capability to provide long term success. While other treatment centers use only one approach or leave out essential mental health considerations, we are proud to incorporate a multistep process. Our solutions include nutrition education, co-occurring disorder treatment, 12 step programs, counseling, and more.

Contact Dual Diagnosis Help to begin the assessment process by filling out our contact form. We look forward to providing the comprehensive alcohol rehab treatment you or a loved one can benefit from.

Our team of alcohol treatment specialists is dedicated to not only treating the physical dependencies associated with alcoholism, but also any underlying mental health disorders. By treating both aspects of the disease, our staff can create an individualized program capable of long-term success. Where other treatment centers specialize in only one approach, or neglect vital mental health considerations, we proudly incorporate a wide range of solutions, including: co-occurring disorder treatment, nutrition education, 12-step programs, counseling, and much more.